Improving Customer Satisfaction One Package At a Time

Novipax is a world-class manufacturer that partners with fresh protein and produce processors, packaging distributors and food retailers to deliver packaging products, technologies and solutions that enhance, protect and promote packaged fresh food.

We offer a complete line of polystyrene, barrier and sustainable food trays and the widest assortment of standard and active food absorbents.

Our suite of supermarket and processor tray brands includes NoviGro, NoviMid, NoviPro, NoviPlus, NoviBarrier and NoviNature, each available in a range of sizes, shapes, strengths and colors.

Novipax’s category-leading absorbent brands include Dri-Loc, Pad-Loc, Multi-Loc, Zap, UltraZap and the revolutionary active absorbent, UltraZapXtendaPak. Our fresh food absorbents are available in a range of sizes, shapes, colors and absorbencies.

The company’s core values include safety, service, continuous improvement, innovation and quality. To learn more, visit: