Dri-Loc® Premier Pads

ultra-absorbent and fast wicking of purge

The Dri-Loc® Premier Pad provides superior absorbency and fast wicking of excess moisture. The high-opacity pouch conceals absorbed juices, and the pad effectively wicks juices even when product is displayed in a shingled position, providing added value for retailers. The pad uses a moisture-masking top layer to hide unsightly absorbed moisture, and the core includes highly absorbent virgin fluff pulp and FDA-approved super-absorbent material.


  • Highly absorbent virgin fluff pulp
  • FDA-approved super-absorbent material
  • High-opacity, moisture-masking top layer
  • Highly absorbent non-woven bottom layer
  • Seal pouch


  • Absorbency range: 40-50 grams

Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Tan, Rose, Yellow, White

Product Dimensions (Inches) Absorption (g) Case Pack
DLACP4 4 x 6 40 or more 3000
DLACP4L 4 x 7 40 or more 3000
DLACP5 4 x 7 50 or more 3000
DLACP5L 5 x 7 50 or more 2000


  • Retail overwrap
  • Processor overwrap
  • Processor MAP
  • Vacuum