Dri-Loc® Super Absorbent Pads

maximum absorbency with super-absorbent material

The Dri-Loc® Super Absorbent Pad provides maximum absorbency with the use of FDA-approved super-absorbent material. The core of the pad includes highly absorbent virgin fluff pulp and super-absorbent granules. The core is sealed in a pouch constructed of a non-permeable top layer and a perforated film with one-way valves on the bottom layer.


  • Highly absorbent virgin fluff pulp
  • FDA-approved super-absorbent material
  • Non-permeable top layer
  • One-way valves
  • Sealed pouch


  • Absorbency range: 25-60 grams

Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Tan, Rose, Yellow, White

Product Dimensions (Inches) Absorption (g) Case Pack
DLS-25 3 ⅓ x 6 25-30 3000
DLS-40 4 x 7 40-50 3000
DLS-50 4 ¾ x 7 50-60 3000


  • Retail overwrap
  • Processor overwrap