Pad-Loc® Fresh

CO2-generating pads

Padloc 6.5x4.5 Padloc Back 6.5x4.5

Pad-Loc® Fresh™ generates carbon dioxide (CO2), creating an environment unfavorable to many types of bacteria. Novipax uses granular elements to create CO2 as moisture is absorbed into the pad. Pad-Loc Fresh provides a controlled release of CO2 all the way from packaging, distribution and storage to display.


  • Non-permeable/non-stick polyethylene film
  • Highly absorbent fibrous wood pulp and CO2-generating materials
  • Hydrophilic non-woven bottom layer film that attracts moisture to the pad


Absorbency range: 40-50 grams

Product Dimensions (Inches) Absorbency (g) Nominal CO2 GENERATION (cc) PADS/CASE
PLCD40 4 x 6-1/2 40 140 1500
PLCD50 4-3/4 x 6-1/2 50 140 1500


  • Retail overwrap
  • Processor overwrap