New Products

Extend Freshness and Grow Sales, Naturally

UltraZapXtendaPak Supermarket food safety absorbent includes additives that produce carbon dioxide (CO2), an inert gas known to have bacteriostatic properties.

Moisture from the packaged protein is absorbed by the UltraZapXtendaPak absorbent pad, which then produces a steady stream of CO2 gas inside the package.

CO2 gas “wraps” itself around the protein creating an envelope that helps retard the growth of spoilage bacteria present on the surface of the meat. Plus, a second anti-microbial ingredient reduces the bacteria growth inside the absorbent pad and in the purge.

A reduction of bacterial growth slows the natural decay process of packaged proteins, allowing the product to extend freshness by maintaining better color, smell and feel.

Protect Your Meat Case From Theft-Related Shrink

Dri-Loc TheftSensor absorbent pads provide a discreet and protective tool against theft in the meat case.

An electronic sensor, concealed inside our highly absorbent virgin fluff pad, is activated when detected by an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) System.

In addition, the Dri-Loc TheftSensor ensures that packages of fresh meat, poultry and seafood are free from excess juice, thus improving shelf appeal and driving consumer purchases.

Dri-Loc TheftSensor food safety pads are available in a range of sizes, colors and absorbencies based on your particular merchandising needs.

Maintain a Fresher, Cleaner Display Environment

UltraZapCleanCase is a revolutionary active absorbent that improves the air quality and cleanliness inside refrigerated display cases.

UltraZapCleanCase active absorbent features an anti-microbial, CO2 gas (a known bacteriostatic agent) and a highly absorbent tissue core.

When placed under the display’s cooling coils, UltraZapCleanCase absorbs condensation and other liquids, effectively trapping bacteria.

With less aerosolized bacteria and related odors circulating inside the display case, the display case is cleaner, fresher and more attractive.