Food Absorbent Selection

The Right Absorbent Product For Your Fresh Food

Novipax’s team of packaging technologists will collaborate with your operations, merchandising and sustainability experts to identify the fresh food absorbent that is ideal for your particular packaging environment.

Several factors should be considered when selecting the Novipax product that solves your merchandising objectives:


Sealed: Our line of DriLoc and UltraZap pouch pads are sealed on all four sides

Open: Our Zap layered tissue pad features four open sides


Each of Novipax’s fresh food pads are available in a wide range of absorbencies. For high moisture applications, Novipax can apply super absorbents inside our pads that comply with FDA regulations


Novipax utilizes either virgin fluff or layered tissue in our absorbent pads depending on your preference and application.

Sizes and Shapes

Our absorbent pads are available in standard as well as in custom sizes and shapes.


The color of the fresh food pad can be customized for your package. Our most popular colors include white, black, yellow, rose and blue.


Our absorbent products are available as individual pads packed in convenient cartons or in large rolls for high volume mechanical applications.

Active Components

Novipax’s patent-protected, active absorbent technology extends the freshness of packaged meat, poultry, seafood and produce.


Our Dri-Loc TheftSensor features a concealed EAS sensor inside the pad’s core that helps reduce theft-related shrink.