Expect Less Unwanted Moisture

Protectors of Quality Meals

From front-of-house to back-of-house, we help restaurants serve the tastiest food in the safest conditions. No matter what’s on the menu, foodservice customers want the same thing: the freshest food prepared in the cleanest environment. Our foodservice prep products impact the quality of ingredients to improve the final dish ensuring an elevated dining experience for customers. Incorporating our floor products allows for quick absorption of moisture to avoid slip hazards for both employees and customers.

Foodservice Absorbent Pads You Can Count On


Accredited by the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute to be in full compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), each Novipax facility is committed to quality and consistency with every product produced.

Supply Assurance

We deal in certainty. That’s exactly why we have the industry’s most reliable supply capabilities — thanks to strategically located facilities across North America.


We’ve got what you need. Whether it’s collaboration with your design teams, custom sizes or unique materials, Novipax works to create absorbency solutions that work for you.

Foodservice Absorbent Pad Solutions

Our solutions enhance food freshness, promote kitchen hygiene and support employee and restaurant patron safety for restaurants of every size and style, from fast food chains to fine dining establishments. Employing pads at various parts of the foodservice prep process can help eliminate unwanted moisture in the food ingredients, workspace and even the floor.

Enhanced Food Quality

Keeping prepped produce and protein out of standing juices allows the product to stay fresher for longer.

Prep Pads

Improved Shelf Appearance

Trap free-flowing juices inside highly absorbent pads while minimizing the risk of spills, burns and other potential safety concerns.


Cleanliness and Safety

From leaks to spills to air quality, we have a variety of absorbent solutions to keep things safe and make cleanups easy.


Floor Mats

Absorbent Pads for Foodservice

The success of foodservice operations relies on their ability to provide quality meals to keep customers coming back. Enhance the overall experience and freshness of the food by incorporating pads into the foodservice prep process. Improve the overall back-of-house operations by introducing floor pads to help absorb unwanted moisture and liquid that is dispelled during service.

“We found that it is not only a little cleaner for their hands, it’s easier and cleaner for the table, but that also as some of that moisture whisks away from the pineapple – the pineapple is drier when it goes on to the pizza.”

Industry Expert Chef

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