Innovation Is In Our Core

Novipax has revolutionized the absorbent market since the 1960’s. The company continues to combine a collaborative business philosophy, strategically located U.S. manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, a modern research and innovation center, and a team of technical, manufacturing, regulatory and sales professionals to develop and produce value-added absorbent solutions.

Most recently, Novipax pioneered the application of active constituents inside the company’s absorbent pads in order to improve the conditions related to specific applications.

Developed by Novipax’s absorbent technologists in our research center, the active absorbent technology was thoroughly reviewed and validated by numerous third-party scientific institutions. Ultimately, Novipax’s proprietary active absorbent products were granted patents and patent protection.

Today, thousands of grocery stores and food processors are utilizing Novipax’s active absorbent technology to maximize the freshness, safety and marketability of fresh protein and produce.