Put a little pep in your prep

A fresh take on food prep

Gone are the days of soggy, mushy ingredients due to excess moisture — introducing our new moisture-controlling prep pads. This innovative absorbent solution helps rid prep trays of excess liquids so you can deliver a more consistent product and fresher, tastier ingredients. And with faster speed to service and less cleanup, your team can become more efficient while focusing on serving customers.

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See for yourself how our Prep Pads can take your prep experience to the next level. FIll out the form and we will ship out samples at no cost to you. Want to chat before requesting a sample? Call 708-363-8249 for more info!

Each sample kit will include 10 different-sized pads so you can experiment with a variety of ingredients. No matter what ingredient you are using, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the improved quality our Prep Pads are able to provide.

Prep Pads in Action

See how Chef Dan Coudreaut, owner and head chef at Lantern Pizza Co., uses Novipax Prep Pads to remove excess moisture from his ingredients — leaving him with with a more consistent product and a fresher food experience for his customers

Prep Pad Size Options

Item #Prep Pads DescriptionPack Size
PREP-PLAC-36Food Prep Pad, 3.3” x 6”, White1250/CS
PREP-PLAC-46Food Prep Pad, 4” x 6.5”, White1000/CS
PREP-PLAC-57Food Prep Pad, 5” x 7”, White1000/CS
PREP-PLAC-67Food Prep Pad, 6” x 7”, White1000/CS
PREP-PLAC-77Food Prep Pad, 7” x 7”, White500/CS
PREP-PLAC-88Food Prep Pad, 8” x 8”, White500/CS
PREP-PLAC-126Food Prep Pad, 12” x 6”, White400/CS
PREP-PLAC-137Food Prep Pad, 13” x 7”, White400/CS
PREP-PLAC-139Food Prep Pad, 13” x 9”, White300/CS
PREP-PLAC-1310Food Prep Pad, 13” x 10”, White250/CS

For more information, download our spec sheet here.