Expect Less Waste with Produce Absorbent Pads

Keeping Produce Fresh

Nothing says delicious like a fresh, crisp piece of fruit. At Novipax, our absorbent produce pads deliver just that. They’re specially designed to not only slow respiration rates and wick away the juices, but to provide absorbency and cushioning for even the most delicate fruits and vegetables — keeping them damage-free and delicious for longer.

Absorbent Produce Pads You Can Count On


Accredited by the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute to be in full compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), each Novipax facility is committed to quality and consistency with every product produced.

Supply Assurance

We deal in certainty. That’s exactly why we have the industry’s most reliable supply capabilities — thanks to strategically located facilities across North America.


We’ve got what you need. Whether it’s collaboration with your design teams, custom sizes or unique materials, Novipax works to create absorbency solutions that work for you.

Absorbent Produce Packaging Solutions

When shoppers search for produce, appearance is often their main indicator of freshness. Our vegetable and fruit absorbent pads help keep fruits and vegetables looking fresh by eliminating unnecessary juices and moisture and managing the environment to slow respiration and minimize bruising — leading to beautiful produce displays that will keep shoppers coming back for more.

Absorption and Respiration

By providing maximum absorption and respiration management, our active packaging keeps fruits and vegetables on the shelf longer.


Texture and Appearance

By wicking away juices and providing extra cushioning, our absorbent produce pads allow produce to be enjoyed the way it was meant to be — fresh and damage-free.

Pad Loc®

Absorbent Pads for Produce Packaging

Maximizing the shelf life and marketability of quality produce is no easy feat. But we’re up for the challenge. We go above and beyond to protect and prolong the life of fruits and vegetables — with a variety of innovative absorbent pads that are precision-engineered for cushioning and absorbency.

Save money, drive sales and provide a more satisfying customer experience. Get the numbers behind our absorbent pad solutions.

Looking to drive sales and improve customer experience? See the numbers behind our absorbent pad solutions in this helpful infographic.

“They build pads for our absorbency needs. Their R&D came to our facility, watched how we run them, watched how the employees inserted the pads into the bag, and came up with a solution for us.”

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