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Using an absorbent pad in cut fruit and vegetable containers at retail has become increasingly popular over the years. The benefits of using an absorbent pad in plastic clamshells can aid retailers in extending shelf life and improving the overall appearance of the produce.

Implementing a pad into existing operational processes is easy. An absorbent pad is placed in the bottom of a container to absorb excess moisture from cut fruits and vegetables. This moisture can cause the produce to spoil faster, leading to a decrease in shelf life and potentially a loss of revenue for the retailer.

Here are the benefits of using an absorbent pad in cut fruit and vegetable containers:

  1. Longer shelf life: By absorbing excess moisture, the pad helps to extend the shelf life of the cut fruits and vegetables. This means that retailers can keep their produce on the shelves for longer periods of time, reducing waste and maximizing profits.
  2. Improved appearance: Moisture can cause cut fruits and vegetables to become soft and unappetizing, which can turn off customers. By using an absorbent pad, the produce maintains its freshness, making it more visually appealing to shoppers.
  3. Enhanced food safety: Moisture can create a breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to foodborne illness. The risk of bacterial growth is reduced, helping to ensure that the produce is safe for consumption.
  4. Improved customer experience: Ultimately, using a pad can enhance the overall customer experience. By maintaining the quality and freshness of the produce, customers are more likely to purchase the product and return to the store for future purchases.

Using an absorbent pad in cut fruit and vegetable containers is a smart choice for retailers. With these benefits in mind, it’s clear why more and more retailers are choosing to use absorbent pads in their produce departments.

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