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Goodbye Wasted Produce

Nothing says delicious like a fresh, crisp piece of fruit. At Novipax, our absorbent produce pads deliver just that. They’re specially designed to not only slow respiration rates and wick away the juices, but to provide absorbency and cushioning for even the most delicate fruits and vegetables — keeping them damage-free and delicious for longer.

Our pad solutions are designed to provide cushioning during transport to retail and to absorb unwanted juices in cut fruit or vegetables that can contribute to degradation of the product. Novipax is committed to extending shelf life and reducing food waste by leveraging innovative technologies to meet the needs of growers, processers and retailers.

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Be the go-to produce stop by incorporating absorbent pads in cut fruit and vegetables. Extend shelf life for up to two days and keep customers coming back for more quality produce.

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Expect Less

Save money, drive sales and provide a more satisfying customer experience. Get the numbers behind our absorbent pad solutions.

Looking to drive sales and improve customer experience? See the numbers behind our absorbent pad solutions in this helpful infographic.

Absorbent Produce Pads

Our vegetable and fruit absorbent pads help keep fruits and vegetables looking fresh by eliminating unnecessary juices and moisture — leading to beautiful produce displays that will keep shoppers coming back for more.

Absorption and Respiration

By providing maximum absorption and respiration management, our active packaging keeps fruits and vegetables on the shelf longer.



Texture and Appearance

By wicking away juices and providing extra cushioning, our absorbent produce pads allow produce to be enjoyed the way it was meant to be — fresh and damage-free.


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