November 15, 2023 | Blog, News

Beyond Prep Pads: Maximizing the Benefits of Absorbency in Foodservice


Novipax’s recent launch of Prep Pads has marked a significant innovation in foodservice, particularly in back-of-house operations. These pads have revolutionized the way restaurants manage moisture in cut and chopped ingredients. However, the potential applications for Novipax’s absorbent technologies extend far beyond Prep Pads.

The Innovation of Prep Pads

The rapid adoption of Prep Pads within foodservice kitchens has helped maintain the freshness and quality of ingredients by absorbing unwanted moisture. Their use in preparing fruits, vegetables, and meats ensures a longer shelf life and enhances the overall quality of the food served. But this is just the beginning. Novipax customers who are testing or have already adopted Prep Pads are finding new applications for our absorbent products.

  1. Storage and Transportation: Absorbent pads can be used in storage areas and during transportation to absorb condensation and excess moisture. This is crucial for maintaining the quality of perishable items during transit and storage from a supplier or processor to the kitchen operation.
  2. Display Cases: In the display areas, absorbent pads can ensure that the showcased food items, especially seafood and poultry, remain dry and visually appealing, enhancing customer perception and reducing the risk of bacterial growth.
  3. Meal Packaging: For takeout and delivery services, absorbent pads in packaging can absorb excess oil and moisture, ensuring that the food retains its texture and flavor upon delivery.
  4. Beverage Stations: Beyond food, absorbent solutions can be used in beverage stations to manage spills and drips, maintaining cleanliness and safety.
  5. Cleaning and Maintenance: In cleaning operations, absorbent materials can be utilized for quick spill response, reducing the risk of slips and falls in the kitchen and dining areas.

Novipax’s absorbent solutions, including the innovative Prep Pads, offer a range of benefits that extend across various aspects of foodservice operations. From enhancing food safety and quality to improving operational efficiency, these products are designed to meet the diverse needs of the foodservice industry.

And while the introduction of Prep Pads has opened a new chapter in foodservice operations, the scope of Novipax’s absorbent technology extends far beyond just prep areas. By integrating these solutions into various facets of their operations, foodservice businesses can significantly enhance efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Novipax stands at the forefront of this innovation, offering versatile and effective solutions for the evolving needs of the foodservice industry.