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#WinTogether CREW Spotlight – Jeff Snyder

For our third installment of our #WinTogether CREW Spotlight, we spoke with our Night Shift Supervisor, Jeff Snyder, who works at our Paxinos Plant. He spoke about his responsibilities at the plant, why he enjoys working for Novipax, and his recent career shift from working in utilities to now being […]

#WinTogether CREW Spotlight – Anita Haynes

For our second installment of our #WinTogether CREW Spotlight, we spoke with our Grenada Plant Manager, Anita Haynes, who gave us some insight into her daily routine, her long-standing experience with Novipax, and what it’s like being a female plant manager. Read on to learn more about Anita, enjoy! Where […]


#WinTogether CREW Spotlight – Keith Schroeder

Welcome to our first #WinTogether CREW Spotlight monthly feature where we set out to learn more about the people of Novipax! Behind Team Novipax are individuals from various backgrounds, with different hobbies and interests, with unique talents and work experiences. Each bring a special flavor that complement the overall recipe […]

#WinTogether CREW Spotlight – Nicola Heredia

For our fourth installment of our #WinTogether CREW Spotlight, we spoke with our Market Director – Growth & New Markets, Nicola Heredia. Since joining this summer, she’s already played a major role in our upcoming brand refresh, from leading the launch of our new website (which we are excited to […]


#WinTogether CREW Spotlight – Patrick Freeman

For our sixth installment of the #WinTogether CREW Spotlight, we spoke with Patrick Freeman, Rockingham Plant Manager. Patrick has had a long and successful career in the manufacturing industry, and we appreciate having him on our CREW! We hope you enjoy getting to learn more about Patrick! Where are you […]


#WinTogether CREW Spotlight – Alberto De la Vega

For our seventh installment of the #WinTogether CREW Spotlight, we spoke with Alberto De la Vega, El Paso Human Resources Manager. Alberto was our first El Paso employee, and he plays a key role in helping us grow our CREW in El Paso. We appreciate having him as our guide […]


#WinTogether CREW Spotlight – Ilia Stitt

For our first #WinTogether CREW Spotlight of 2023, we spoke with our Customer Service Manager, Ilia Stitt. Here at Novipax, our core values are represented by the acronym CREW, which stands for Customer Focus, Respect, Excellence, and Win Together, and in her role, Ilia plays a key role in Customer […]