February 21, 2023 | Blog, News

#WinTogether CREW Spotlight – Patrick Freeman


For our sixth installment of the #WinTogether CREW Spotlight, we spoke with Patrick Freeman, Rockingham Plant Manager. Patrick has had a long and successful career in the manufacturing industry, and we appreciate having him on our CREW!

We hope you enjoy getting to learn more about Patrick!

Where are you from?

“I am originally from Alabama. After graduating from high school, I spent 24 years in the Marines and eventually went into manufacturing and spent time living in California, New York, Georgia, and eventually North Carolina”

When and how did you join Novipax? 

“I’ve spent many years of my career turning around facilities in need of improvement. I joined in November 2021 to help turnaround the Rockingham facility, so I came in to take what was already good and enhance it. There’s a feeling of success in taking what’s good about a place and enhancing it.”

What do your day-to-day responsibilities consist of? 

“It all depends on the day, mainly ensuring safety, quality, and cost. Safety speaks for itself; we want everyone to come and leave work the same way. Quality, we have tried enhancing focus in quality to give to customers, and so they can pass it on to their networks. Cost, there are a lot of aspects of cost to be aware of, and many people do not realize that what happens daily can impact cost. Cost drives everything so we make sure our staff understands how it impacts our facility.

The plant manager position in my opinion is the best job in the world. We are high enough up that we have impact in the company and the wellbeing of our personnel, but low enough to maintain close ties with our communities.”

What is something unique that you have experienced at Novipax? 

“Coming into the Rockingham facility and the Rockingham community as a whole, the open arms mentality they bring you in with. I work with a great group of people, and everyone was very open from day 1 and willing to learn new things. I’ve been able to share my experience with the people at the plant and with leadership and we have all been able to learn from each other. We never stop improving.

What is your favorite thing about working for Novipax?

“The people. I’ve been a lot of different places and it’s hard to find a place where people look out for each other so much. From the offices to the floor, truly a family environment. We truly care and want the best for our employees.”

What is your favorite activity in Rockingham?

“My favorite activity is my walks on the floor. It gives me a chance to get off the desk and away from the meetings, but most importantly gives me a chance to speak to my hourly workers and find out how they’re doing.”

What is your favorite restaurant in the area?


What is your favorite hobby?

“I’ve rediscovered a hobby I had when I was younger and have found time for gardening again. I’m starting to grow some long beans and I’m on my second year with collard greens. I’m planting a few more crops this year and will be trying for a peach tree soon.”

What is your favorite vacation spot?

The Philippines

What is the last book that you read?  

The Book of Revelations  

What is your life mantra/motto? 

“I want to get through life transparent and with the best morals I can. I believe in being truthful and sometimes people don’t like that but I think those are the two things you should live by.

The word integrity is an important word to me because that means you do things right even when no one is looking, and I believe if everyone lived like that the world would be a much better place.”

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.