An Earth-Friendly Approach To Business

Novipax is committed to a proactive, earth-friendly approach to doing business. Our environmental policies and practices aim to protect, conserve, or sustain the world’s natural resources, as well as to protect our customers and the communities in which we live and operate. This commitment includes:

  • Conserving, Reusing and Recycling
  • Eliminating, Reducing and Disposing of Waste
  • Developing Safe, Innovative Products
  • Making Environmental Stewardship Part of Our Business Relationships
  • Continually Improving Our Performance

The core of our tissue-based absorbent products is made from 100% secondary, pre-consumer fiber, therefore saving our precious forests, conserving natural resources, reducing waste, cleaning process water, and eliminating fewer greenhouse gases.

We clean as much process water from our paper process as possible and reuse nearly half of the water on a daily basis. The discarded water is settled to reduce impurities prior to sending the water to city municipalities for treatment and reuse.

We recycle sludge into a compost material through an external facility.

We bale, dry and sell our plastic film trim scrap. This waste product is sold externally to converters that utilize the material to make laminates.